iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protector – Easy Installation

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This box contains 3 tempered glass screen protector with an installation guide frame to make installation easy! This perfectly fits an iPhone 13 Pro!

It was so easy to install! I watched the video and was able to install it on 1 go! It comes with 3 screen protectors and I thought I would have to use all 3 if I messed up the first or second installation. I was shocked by how easy it was. If you follow the instructions accordingly, then you will be able to have a tempered glass screen protector with no dust or bubbles.

As a tip when it’s time to place the screen protector, make sure you are using that installation guide frame and try to line up the top side first and then lay it down making sure that the top part touches the surface first. When I did that, it slowly and gradually touched the screen of the phone from top to the bottom. Then did the next steps and I was all set. I was really happy with the result.

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